July 9, 2009

Just A Little Something To Start The Day

I've got meetings out all morning, but I know that sometimes a guy just needs a fix, amiright?

So here's a video of a 2-year-old Chinese kid smoking a cigarette. [liveleak thanks dt reader sl]


that child's hand coordination is pretty advanced for a two year old. whatever his age, THIS IS HORRIFYING. i'm sick to my stomach looking at it. that kid needs to be rescued from its caretakers!

Looks like he's thinking: "get that camera outta here. I gotta get back to work."

As you would say... Holy Smoke !

I guess the parents don't think their son should have to settle for second hand smoke.

Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog and I really like it.
This is sooo weird, it's like he's used to it... poor thing! I hope someone does something about it.
Anyway, I left my URL but it's in Spanish..

if I give a shit, is my IKEA shower curtain still $1.99?

I thought the shower curtains were made by Vietnamese children, not Chinese.

You know the air quality in parts of China is so bad...the smoke he takes in may be just the same.

It's Oskar from The Tin Drum!

No way this kid is 2. This kid is probably the Chinese Emanuel Lewis (but without the King of Pop lurking around.)

This video should be removed. It's basically child abuse. Would you show a video of a parent giving a baby a shot of vodka? Or sitting in a car without a carseat?

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