July 2, 2009

Why Not...Use A Tool Cart For A Changing Table?


Indeed. Congratulations to Cookie editor Meryl's friend Sara and her husband for this innovative use of an automotive tool cart for a smart, sleek and chic industrial-style changing table!

The industrial changing table that launched Daddy Types, which I made from a $50 Harbor Freight enameled steel tool cart, is still going strong, though we haven't used it as a changing table for K2, so much as a diaper and blanket dumping ground.

Also, Colgate seems to have bulked up the Mini-Contour Changing Pad, which used to be 30-inches long, and is now 33".

Meanwhile, I've been looking to swap it out with a real rolling tool chest, like an old Snap-on or Matco, etc., or a Craftsman from the Good Old Days, to hold all the kid's art supplies and stuff. They're harder to find than I would've expected.

Change for the better [cookiemag via swiss-miss]
Sunex International 8013 Service Cart, $139 [amazon]
Previously, 2007: another awesome cart-turned-industrial changing table

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