September 9, 2007

Another Awesome Cart-Turned-Industrial Changing Table

Daddy Types was founded out of my search for an industrial-style changing table, something to match the Bowery commercial stainless steel of our kitchen and the gorgeous enameled steel carts that filled the labs of my wife's building at NASA.

3-shelf service cart, aka changing table from harbor freight

Our three-tiered, red steel tool cart from Harbor Freight has done us just fine, transitioning from a changing cart to a toy-and-shoe cart with no problem at all. [The fact that it was priced at a tiny fraction of the lab carts, and that the shipping was a mind-blowing $5, didn't hurt. Also, in a different space than ours, or if the kid had been a real climber, we'd have bolted one of those safety chains to the wall, too.]


Anyway, I don't remember seeing this sweet, black enamel cart in our search. If we had seen it, I can't imagine why we didn't get it. It's great, with a bit more space on top--24x36 vs 16x30--making room for the wipes and stuff, plus a normal changing table. The added width also makes it less tip-prone than the narrow red model. [D'oh, the niche we first stuck the changing table in was 20" deep. Now I remember.]

Just Krylon up one of those Ikea cribs to match, and you've got yourself a shiny, new nursery for about $200. Or if you're buying on eBay, $800.

Both the 16x30, 3-shelf red cart and the 24x36 2-shelf black cart are just $49.99 []
Most contoured changing pads are 16x32 inches, but Colgate's 2-sided Mini Contour Changing Pad is 16"x30", which fits the red cart perfectly [amazon]
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