June 26, 2009

'I Like What I Look Like'

From the incomparable 1974 landmark TV event, "Free to be...you and me":

Daddy Types, 2007:

As a teenager, Michael Jackson once looked in a mirror and saw a curvy black woman. Roberta Flack, to be exact. I think we all would've been better off if he'd gone that route instead.

Previously: The dad revolution of "Free To Be...You And Me"


Out of all the MJ tributes and memories from the past 24 hours, this is what finally made me cry.

That was so sad. But the set was awesome in its Sharpie-liciousness.

My kids request (and watch) the DVD every other month or so. The man has changed so much that I don't think I realized it was him.

A great song/sketch though.

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