June 15, 2009

More Than Model Trains: Mid-Century Modern Kibri Dollhouse


Well here's one hint that German model maker Kibri had a serious modernist thing going on in the early 1960's: check out the swingin' Kibri doll house at Virtuelles Puppenhausmuseum.

The doll house, model 158/9, was modular and extendable, so you could add floors to it as you needed to. There are pictures of a single-storey version, plus details of all the mod furnishings, and those crazy, floating room divider things everyone seemed to have back then. In fact, Kibri pitched the movable room dividers as a modern day dollhouse innovation, a break from the restrictive, fixed-wall doll house tyrannies of the past. Spiele macht frei!

Kibri Puppenhaus 158/9 [puppenhausmuseum.de]

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