June 14, 2009

Unistroller? Strollerbarrow? Awesomeness On Wheels


Strollers look the way they do because strollers look the way they do. Japanese strollers are all spindly, floppy little chairs. Jogging strollers looked liked hacked up biketents. Scandinavian strollers are all grocery cart-like, outdoor sleeping tanks. A wave of $800 strollers all look like the first $800 stroller, the Bugaboo.

It's a rare stroller that breaks the dominant pushchair paradigm: the first Maclaren. The Stokke Xplory. The Chariot Cougar. The--HOLY SMOKES, PEOPLE, CHECK OUT THAT ONE-WHEELED STROLLERBARROW!

It's true, the concept of Mojoworkin's one-wheeled stroller is very wheelbarrow-esque. And the curvaceous, body-following shape is a bit like those crazy, molded plastic 10-seat strollerwagons the day-care centers use. And the canopy does bear a passing resemblance to the Italian-made TRIO tricycle. And there's a giant rhino horn sticking out between the kid's legs.

And speaking of Rhino, I think it's made out of polyurethane truck bedliner sprayed over carved styrofoam block. But if you think any of that is a shortcoming, it just means you're trapped in the old-fashioned stroller mindset.

No, the only problem I can see besides the Roast-Em-Alive color, is the lack of storage. I mean, if it's made of styrofoam, shouldn't it have an integrated drink cozy or two on the back? I guess it IS just a prototype.

UNIQUE ONE WHEELED STROLLER, $475 [mojoworkin's etsy store, via naomi from superdumbsupervillain]


Paint it yellow (or red), and it can be perfect gift for the baby-toting communist in your life:


doesn't the lack of rear wheels mean the driver is carrying more weight? i don't think it is much of an innovation. wheelbarrows are for carrying heavy loads short distances, not for 'strolling'.

I think it looks pretty cool!

Hello I am the designer/ fabricator of this stroller. I am going to have to disagree with you. The weight of the child and the stroller are all centered over the axle. There is no lifting. All the parent does is push or pull. As far as not being an innovation, show me another stroller like it. You cant , it is totally original to the industry and by definition isn't that innovation. My 17 month old loves this thing. Afterall she inspired its creation. She loves riding in it and even more than that she loves that every person we encounter stops to talk to her about her ride. Its not the stroller for every occasion but it is one for getting your child around in style. Thanks for your comments, Joe Manus designer/ fabricator and owner of artthroughlabor inc. Artthroughlabor.com

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