May 21, 2009

Boys And Their Kid-Sized Toys


That ticking sound you may have heard is the New Depression's 24-hour timer here at DTHQ, which begins counting whenever I find something awesomely ridiculous to post about. If I can still overcome the subject's inherent Bubble Era insanity when the clock hits zero, up it goes.

So without further delay, I'll just point out that in addition to mini-Vespas, reproduction chrome bumper sets for the Isetta, seat covers for Citroen 2CVs, the Viet-British specialty car parts manufacturer Group Harrington also makes mini-Porsche 356's. And it looks freakin' awesome.

The little Speedster, faithfully molded from composite with a composite chassis, accommodates engine upgrades, so you won't have to buy a new one when your kid outgrows the 50cc starter engine.

I can't help noticing, though, that in every single picture on Harrington's site, the person sitting in the mini-Porsche is an adult, and in all but one shot, it's a guy. Just sayin'.

Harrington Junior - Porsche 356 [groupharrington]
Kids get stuck with the mini-Bugattis: Harrington Junior Action Shots


Your only mistake was posting the 356 instead of the E Type. Holy crap that's awesome. Definitely paying these guys a visit next time I'm over there.

I NEED one of those! I will be the coolest kid at the next Porsche club meeting!

Although I couldnt find a price, granted I didnt look much, Im betting the price rivals that of ordering up a Beck Spyder that is large enough to actually carry the date you could pick up in it...well unless your goal is to pickup a 7 yr old, which over there, I'm sure isnt as frowned upon.

There used to be (or may still) a company that made pretty sweet replicas of highend cars in kids sizes, I can remember a Lexus LS and a Ferrari of some sort...the detail was so good on those, they even went 1/2 scale on the prices of the originals too. I'll have to dig those up.

I must confess, my son's first foot powered, ride on was a BMW from Neimans. They had a spectacular pink Porsche I was going to p/u for my daughter, but when I went to get one they only had one left in the US, and it was the display one here, and at $1200 (I believe it was) I wasnt buying the one that all the moms not paying attention to their kids at NM had let run into every store display....

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