May 20, 2009

The 8-lb Vespa-Riding Gorilla In The Room

From Hypebeast, the hipster press release transcription service beloved by corporate brand managers the world over, comes an announcement about a hundred scooters dropping:

Aside from the 100th Anniversary Apparel Collection, quintessential brand Fred Perry collaborates with legendary Italian company Piaggio on a limited edition run of their signature Vespa scooter. Only being offered within Europe (UK/France), Japan, and the US, these special Ves--
WHO CARES? Why is no one talking about that awesome mini-Vespa in front?? K2's got a MODS jacket on the way from freakin' Japan and nothing to ride!

It's not quite these two vintage mini-Vespas from the Philippines []
And it's not this tired and busted, $450 Peg Perego mess with the training wheels []

Hmm, the wheels are wrong, but this handmade, walk-along prototype by the Vietnamese vintage bumper fabricator Group Harrington is pretty close. []


Fred Perry 100th Anniversary Vespa Scooter [hypebeast via dt reader rolf]

1 Comment

how much this mini vespa~ thanks

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