May 15, 2009

On The Return Of ______ Drives A _______!


You know what I was thinking we haven't had enough of lately? Those fun, inspiring "______ drives a ______!" where we get to identify with a celebrity dad and [possibly!] validate our own stroller purchase a little. Yeah, maybe I'll bring those back.

In the mean time,

Alan Keyes drives a Delta Spongebob Squarepants Umbrella Stroller!

See Joe Raymond/AP's full image of Keyes pushing a symbolic aborted fetus in a stroller at Notre Dame: [nyt]
Be Alan Keyes pushing a Spongebob Umbrella Stroller by Delta, for just $19.99 [babiesrus]


Well, nothing but the best for his imaginary aborted babies!

Those aborted fetuses are so cute! they look just like little cabbage patch dolls! Now *I* want an aborted fetus!

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