May 13, 2009

'Temporarily Closed': Oilily On Madison


I was in the neighborhood today, and though the Oilily website had an announcement that the US stores would remain open through the company's Dutch-governed bankruptcy proceedings, I would say that the Madison Avenue location, which has been "Temporarily Closed" for a while now, will not be reopening any time soon. Fans of knockoff stuffed bunnies needn't despair; last I heard, the newer SoHo store is/was still open.


As of last Friday the one on Michigan Ave in Chicago was still open.

Saw a similar sign on the Oilily Outlet in Metzingen, Germany two days ago. Threw a wrench in my hopeful plans to get a deep discount on the already discounted clothes, bringing them down to normal price kids clothes.

I'm a serious oilily addict and have been following the story that states that the European and US Oilily operations are run by different owners. The original Dutch Oilily creators took the company back and will be creating the new collections to be sold wholesale in Europe (corporate stores have all been closed) and through the existing Oilily stores in the US. Fans can rest assured that the brand persists. Might even go back to its absolutely irresistible original creative roots.

Here's an earlier post about the brand purchase announcement. The US stores were taken over by the US mgmt team. Because it happened right about the time the company knocked off Rosa Pomar, DT has been almost the only english language outlet covering the Oilily bankruptcy.

Stop already with the accusations that Oilily knocked off Rosa Pomar! You've got it backwards -- Rosa Pomar's designs have been clearly "inspired" by the Oilily bunny.

I bought my daughter a t shirt in 2003 with the bunny in question emblazoned on it -- YEARS before Rosa Pomar started copying, err producing, them. At the time the Oilily bunny, Bobbin, was available in many other forms, including as a stuffed toy -- he decorated the diaper bags, backpacks and purses, as well as other clothes.

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