May 12, 2009

Neutraface Blocks: Teaching The ABC's Of Typefaces Since 2009


So awesome. Before House Industries introduced their Alexander Girard-inspired blocks a couple of years ago, the mid-century modernist alphabet block market was in a rut. Actually, it didn't exist, but that's not important now.

What's important is that House has stepped up its wood block game with the introduction of this sweet set of blocks featuring one of the foundry's own signature retromodernist typefaces, Neutraface Slab.

For the budding matchbook cover designer, there's no substitute for the Girard blocks; but if you want your kid's first words to be "kern" and "serif," the Neutrafaces are ideal. And at just $35 for a set of twelve [vs $120 for 28], they're about 30% cheaper on a block for block basis.

Neutraface Slab Blocks: $35 [houseind via dt reader andy]

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