November 24, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks


The things you run across in the middle of the night. The ever-cool font and design shop House Industries has partnered with the Alexander Girard estate to create an incredible set of alphabet blocks.

The 28-block set features the alphabet in Girard typeface on one side [House Ind. will introduce digital versions of the Girard Font family in Spring 2007], and on another, variations of some of Girard's most famous designs, sun-faced matchbooks for La Fonda Del Sol restaurant in New York City. Another side puzzles together to make a Girardian version of House Industries' own factory logo. That could've been a pretentious dealbreaker, but fortunately, it totally works.


Order Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks from House Industries, $100. Yeah, you just knew there was a catch. [ via unbeige]
Related: La Fonda Del Sol fansite; "Alexander Girard: Vibrant Modern," a restrospective at SFMOMA, through Feb. 2007.

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