April 22, 2009

Your Kid's Chinese Boss Is Coloring This Right Now

14, originally uploaded by sinosplice.

Just teach him to say "Yes sir, I can work late tonight, no problem" in Mandarin by the time he graduates from high school and no one gets hurt.

Military Weaponry for Kids [sinosplice via, uhh...]


This kind of stuff is pretty common in China. I picked up a board book from the wal-mart in Tianjin a couple years ago that featured a dozen guns, sorted by country -- smith and wesson with an American flag, Uzi with Israeli flag...

Some older playgrounds in Tianjin also feature ride-on bouncies of tanks and military aircraft. (Though their newer playground equipment is ridiculously nice, if mind-bogglingly dangerous -- the kind of stuff you'd invent to play on if you were 8 years old and knew how to weld.)

I remember going to a mountain park in China and staring drop-jawed at a guard-rail-less set of rails down the mountainside and a bunch of little sleds you could ride down the rails, like some meth-head version of the mining cart ride from the second Indiana Jones film.

(Mind you a couple years later a bunch of friends of mine decided to ride fast food trays down a ski jump -- in summer -- and lived to tell the tale, so maybe it wasn't that dangerous...)

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