April 21, 2009

Tribeca Is Everyone's Suburb!

"Our Suburb" is an 11,000 sf townhouse conversion in Tribeca. The nickname was given by Curbed.com, which got it from an excited comment by one of the owners at a Landmarks Commission hearing. The owners, who used to have a mortgage company [whoops] have been trying to sell it for a year or so. As The Real Deal's awesome video walkthrough reports, it's currently on the market for $33 million--and no one in the video thinks they'll get it.

What the video also inadvertently [?] shows, is just how suburban this Tribecan trophy house actually is:


Kids bedroom 1: Pottery Barn Kids boat bed. [$1995]


Kids bedroom 2: The Company Store sports headboard [was $199, now $69. cheap!]

Now to the real reason I'm posting this: to see if anyone knows who makes that Eames LCW-looking chair in the corner, the one with the wagon wheels on it? Because if they threw that in, I could see them getting, say, $13,000,149 for the place, easy.

Our Suburb, The Movie [curbed]
Suburbia on the Lower West Side [therealdeal.com via curbed]

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