April 18, 2009

Score One For The Little Bunny: Bankruptcy Court Orders Oilily To Remove & Destroy Rosa Pomar Knockoff Bunnies

Wow. If I'm reading my Google Translator right, Rosa Pomar has won.

Fearing that publicity and criticism of Oilily's knocking off of Pomar's stuffed bunnies could derail the sale of the bankrupt company, the Dutch court trustee appointed to oversee the bidding has ordered that Oilily immediately remove and de-tag all the offending bunnies from the company's stores.

Marc Molhuysen in the Telegraaf: "Whether true or not, we must avoid any appearance," he says. "So I have all the dolls in the shops to get. We cut the labels of the dolls of babies. Procedures are the last thing we can use."

"Procedures" is a reference to the complaint Pomar had filed with the court seeking EUR60,000 in damages and to have the dolls removed and destroyed.

Meanwhile, Molhuysen has said he wants to expedite the sale of Oilily and to announce a deal with the new owners before April 30th, Queen's Day, a national holiday in which everyone in Holland--from bankruptcy court workers to bankrupt bankers to intellectual property attorneys--gets drunk in the streets.

Getting EUR60,000 from a broke company that hasn't been able to make payroll for the last two months could be a little tougher. At the very least, Oilily should buy Pomar a drink.

Portugese beschuldigt Oilily van plagiaat / Portuguese accuse Oilily of plagiarism [telegraaf.nl, google translate]
Previously: Oilily knocks off Rosa Pomar's signature bunnies; do the new private owners care? or are they too busy filing for bankruptcy? and trying to reopen their stores? and find a new buyer before the party?

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