April 13, 2009

I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke, Starting With Romania


K2 calls any drink a "Coke." I'm not troubled by this because it means I'm doing my important dad job: teaching my kid to love the right brands.

Which makes it all the more unsettling to watch Choose, a video by the young artist Ciprian Muresan, which is currently on view at the New Museum.

In Choose, the artist's young son Vlad appears to be taking the Pepsi Challenge, then without warning, he mixes Coke and Pepsi in one glass--and drinks it!

Could our Eastern European brothers' cries for help ring any clearer, market economy dads? Communism may have fallen, but the grocery shelves and vending machines of Eastern Europe are still darkened by its evil shadow. We must not fail in our capitalist mission!

I'm have 4,800 My Coke Rewards Points which I'd been saving to get a little Coke-themed LCD TV, but this is more important. How can I send them to Romania? Get me Sally Struthers on the phone!

Choose, 2005, by Ciprian Muresan [image: nicodim gallery]
The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, artists under 33 yo, runs through July 5th [newmuseum.org]
According to Ciprian's blog, Vlad just turned 10 [petshopbeuys, best artist blog name ever, btw]


As long as you're giving her Mexican Coke, with sugar in it instead of HFCS. Not for any health reasons, but because HFCS Coke tastes like crap with an almost chemical after taste.

kosher Coke works fine, too, but I'm not crazy enough to actually give a 1yo caffeine. she bounces off the walls as it is.

Or perhaps K2 is secretly Midwestern. Growing up in the Midwest it was common to ask for a coke, then being asked, "What kind of a coke would you like? Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, etc." Apparently they brand managers have since fixed this problem.

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