April 6, 2009

Oh Give Me This Home, Where Las Vaquitas Roam


Because I will not be spending $19.5 million to buy it.

New York Magazine cuts a line of pure real estate China White in their feature on this 7,000-8,000 square foot duplex loft atop a West Village garage. But it's not just the sensitive conversion or the 3,500 sf of terraces that caught my eye.

It was the little herd of OG Freiraum Vacas y Vaquitas lined up in the 600 sf "family room." Though it may look like guinea pig in this picture, designer Michael Lehner covered his little, rolling, ride-on pouf toys in genuine cowhide. Which mean they're uncommonly expensive [$600 and $1000, give or take]. In fact, this may be the only herd in captivity in New York.

Also: kid-sized Jacobsen chairs, an adult-sized Aarnio bubble chair, and an ironically suburban-style, 3-story dollhouse, none of which convey. But in this market, I'm sure you could ask.

A West-Village Penthouse Duplex listed at $19.5 million [nymag via curbed]
Previously, 2005: Roll these La Vaca and La Vaquita cowhide stools right over PETA's toes


Awesome family room. But not exactly the most kid-friendly stairs. So yeah, even with the vaquitas, it could POSSIBLY be worth more than $18 million. ;)

Wait, that chair - is that the same as what's hanging in Frankfurt Airport, between the airport and the intercity train station? After a 10 hour flight (or facing one, for that matter), I've always loved curling up in what we call 'the pods'. Never knew the designer before now!

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