April 3, 2009

What Are You Trying To Do To Me, O Warehouse Stores?


I shop at you, I drop my kid in your ball pit, I join your clubs, I make end tables out of your paper towel bales, and this is how you repay me? You gang up to turn me into Jabba the Hutt?

ONE Ikea serving--using a child's bowl! that children could use!--one child-sized serving of Costco Trail Mix has 1,600 calories. That's more than six McDonald's cherry pies, a whole day's worth!


I'm no expert, but I'd guess that, judging from the name, this trail mix is intended to be eaten on some kind of trail or something. Where you might be hiking and need extra calories.

But they don't even make Conference Call Mix.

But it's got ELECTROLYTES!

McDonalds gets a bad rap. Thanks to all the scrutiny their food is actually some of the lower calorie prepared food you can buy.

I find that often the stuff being marketed as organic, green or natural is often worse for you than normal chemical laden junk food.

dude, I wasn't kidding, I like the pies; but that is a supersize pack of unsupported, unrelated generalizations you got there.

does anyone actually buy this stuff? let alone give it to their kids? i mean whenever i hear of kids eating too much junk food i always wonder why the parents buy it. if you don't have it in the house they can't eat it. if you don't buy it for them in restaurants they can't eat it, and if you don't eat it yourself they won't know what it is or even want it. am i missing something..

off my high horse now (:

you mean trail mix, aka peanuts, raisins, and m&m's? or mcdonald's pies? it's not like we're feeding them cheetos and punch for breakfast. I think your horse is pointing the wrong way.

Ooh, Conference Call Mix. I think I'll have to go make some of that...

I'll be debuting my own Typing Mix shortly.

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