March 19, 2009

DT Xingqi-wu Xitstorm

I know today's only xingqi-su, but it's xingqi-wu in Asia, isn't it? Here are a couple of stories that make you say Wu Tang Fung, if you know what I mean:

  • After that consumer activist group announced they had "found" carcinogens in baby bath products--carcinogens that everyone in the industry and the FDA that doesn't regulate it knows have been there all along, what's the big deal--the Shanghai FDA has announced its own investigation into the dangers posed by Johnson & Johnson products. Insert enough irony to build the Three Gorges Dam here. [ap/nyt]
  • This just in--or out, rather--from The Mysterious Eastern Hemisphere: a 30yo Samoan woman gave birth on a flight from Apia to Auckland [a 4-hour flight], then left the baby in the bin. And not the overhead bin, either. Apparently, bin is New Zealandish for garbage can. She had the baby in the bathroom and dumped the kid, who wasn't found until an hour after the plane landed. Police are investigating, but mother and baby are in hospital and doing fine. Though I suspect this might cause some issues later. [afp/yahoo via dt freakout correspondent sara]

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