March 11, 2009

Why Buy A Calder When You Can Make Your Own Abstract Mobile?


From the December 1954 issue of Popular Science, "How to make an abstract mobile," instructions which were preceded by "How to Make a Christmas Tree Mobile":

You can really express yourself in an abstract mobile. Unlike the Christmas-tree mobile, which is a literal mobile designed to represent a definite object, the abstract mobile gives the builder free rein, unlimited as to size, shape, or mood. The design and balance of an abstract mobile can make it move dreamily, solemnly, or wittily--like the difference between an exuberant fountain and a lazy, meandering stream.
From this photo in Hanns Reich's 1962 book Children and their Fathers, it looks like there's at least one dad who really expressed himself:


How to make an abstract mobile, Popular Science December 1954 [google magazines via dinosaurs + robots, which has helpfully large scans]

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