February 1, 2009

November Was Nakaban Month At Chigo


Chigo is one of our absolute favorite baby stores in the world, which is too bad because it's in Tokyo, and we haven't been for a while.

Which means we missed the veritable Nakabanpalooza they held last November. I stumbled across some custom-painted Gochi wood block houses [normally, just one side of the roof is painted, and the rest of the block is unfinished]. And when I started digging to see who the artist was, I realized that this "nakaban-san" guy is a celebrated illustrator who's published a shelf full of books and a pile of album covers to boot.

And Chigo exhibited nakaban's paintings, commissioned a book for their parent company, Landscape Products, and held a paint-in with nakaban as part of a program titled "The Usual Corner in a Dream [Yume no naka no itsumo no michikado]."

Nice stuff, surely all sold out in about ten minutes, but nice stuff nonetheless. Surf through Chigo's November blog archives to see what we all missed.

See nakaban-san's blocks and a sweet crate here: 「夢の中のいつもの街角」 [landscape-products.net]
Nakaban mania starts around 11.11.08: Chigo Blog - November 2008 [blog.chigo.co.jp]

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