January 13, 2009

Two Down, Thirteen To Go! Unidentified Local Family Drives Extremely Identifiable Bugaboo


Does the sender of the first photo of a Little Marc Jacobs X Bugaboo in the wild still win a 'daddy type' t-shirt if she's also a Bugaboo publicist? Yes she does, but I'll keep the offer open for civilians. If you spot a typical family pushing one of the 14 other black-framed Bugaboos, snap a picture and send it along. Send your Like-A-Bike sightings, too, if you want, just don't expect any swag. [via dt reader katie]

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First Marc Jacobs X Bugaboo, flipped on eBay for $3,240


Wow, they have really cornered the market on the custom strollers, huh?

Wow! Spiffy stroller... but who put it together for them? The shopping basket is not attached properly? I'm a bugaboo perfectionist, and this would drive me crazy if I saw it on the street.

yeah, I wondered the same thing. it drags on the ground as if they have everything they own stuffed in there.

The Bugaboo looks excellent. The picture is also beautiful.


Some of the dark side appeal of this stroller was sacrificed with the decision to keep the white buttons and levers.

I'm heartened by the blanket over the top of stroller. We always found this to be a quicker, easier and cheaper solution than the various sun covers available. But I guess it's a sign of the times that Bugaboo PR has to cut back so much that they can't throw in proper sun protection.

I assume you were kidding about the family right? As in they are very recognizable celebrities. Right? OR was that just my first thought?

Gwen and Gavin and family? or stand ins? could go either way

clearly I don't do enough of these "unidentified local family" posts for the hilarity of the concept to shine through.

I've seen hundreds of Bugaboos and I'm still waiting for the concept to shine through. $800 -- and you have to disassemble it to fold it?

they're a thousand dollars now, but yeah.

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