January 5, 2009

Cash-Inspired: The Man Who Couldn't Cry By Scott Reifsnyder


It may have given up on the Feel-Good Die-Cut Children's Book Of The Year Award before it even went to press, but Scott Reifsnyder's The Man Who Couldn't Cry is still a contender for the Look-Good competition. Scott's beautiful, distressed palimpsest layers in faded colors fit his depressing source of inspiration--Johnny Cash's performance of Loudon Wainwright's classic song [see comments]--perfectly.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, The Man Who Couldn't Cry will be an invaluable resource for teaching your kid the important lessons about callous whores, sudden unemployment, getting your arm shot off, and lifelong emotional paralysis.

Assuming it actually went to press, that is. I can't find any publication info, so it may be just a one-off. So use the sing-along Flash animated version instead. [seescotty.com via coudal]

1 Comment

Thanks for pointing this out!

Those aren't Johnny Cash lyrics, though. Cash does a mighty fine cover of the song, but it's by folk-rock legend Loudon Wainwright III. If you don't know LWIII, he's Rufus's dad. He has about a dozen great songs about being a dad, too--some of them on the soundtrack to "Knocked Up."

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