December 5, 2008

DT WTF Friday: Texas Edition

From East Texas, the four top ways not to quiet a 13-month old baby who cries like she's possessed, presented in the wrong, wrong wrong order:
1. Exorcism, amateur
2. Biting the kid back 20 times
3. Smashing the kid's head in with a hammer.
4. Then pawning some shit lying around the house to get money to pay for a professional exorcist.

Couple Accused of Beating Baby With Hammer to Rid Her of 'Demons' [foxnews via cynical-c]


WTF is right!

Perhaps we can make this blog a "hitting babies with hammers"-free zone?

Please. That just ruined my morning. I hate humans.

Yes, would have to agree with Lee, this is the first time I've been to this site and I probably wouldn't have returned had I not stopped to look so many users do...just my 2 fils worth...I will read some other stuff hopefully targeted towards a new father with a baby.

oy, get me my smelling salts, people. Then let me go on record stating that DT and I personally unequivocally condemn babyhammering under any circumstances, including but not limited to: (@*#&$ed up religious beliefs, ignorant rage, boredom, meth-fuelled stupidity, or being from Texas.

Come on, Greg...can't you agree that there are some stories better left un-spread?

Now if they had taken a hammer to their Bugaboo because the damn wheels wouldn't stop squeaking, that would have been a completely different story.

Its very sad to hear.
People are becoming insane.


These types of stories are a whole lot more common than you might think. Those who don't mind waking up to this kind of thing, or who have say, a sociological interest, might want to check out The Dreamin' Demon.

The rest of us would probably be just as happy if you left these stories to the Demon and others. It's just as well to recognize that your insane-seeming neighbor who is whacking his (or her) kids really may be insane, but some surprises are less welcome than others when perusing one's daily blogs.


It's HIS blog. Greg can blog about whatever heck he wants to.

Don't like it? Don't read it, or, start your own baby-hammering free blog.


JJ Daddy Baby Momma - well, yeah. But we get to talk to him about it. Presumably,that's just fine with Greg, otherwise he'd only be writing in his private journal. Offline.

Amazing people. Just put back on your rose-colored glasses and say "it never happened, it never happened."

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