November 20, 2008

Aung San Stokke? Guy Delisle's Burma Chronicles


If you are a journalist who followed his wife to Burma for her Medecins sans Frontieres gig, and so you ended up being the one who took care of your infant son most of the time, and you ended up taking him around to see the effects on Burmese culture of the junta's oppression, all the while keeping an eye on the naptime and bottle and playtime clock, and you despaired that you had no one who could relate to the absurdities of your experience, and so you thought you might try to capture how you feel in a graphic novel, I really, really hope your name's Guy Delisle.

Because if it isn't, Delisle totally stole your publishing thunder. Burma Chronicles is Delisle's new book about being a new dad airdropped into Burma with--you know what, forget I even mentioned it; it'll just bum you out.

See a couple of pages from Burma Chronicles at Monkey See [ has a pop culture blog? who knew? dt reader eric, for one]
Buy The Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle, currently $13.57 at Amazon [amazon via npr]
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