November 14, 2008

Sweet Slot-Together Rocker/Chair From Master Woodcraft [?]


If it becomes as useless as "Eames Era," I'm sure I'll come to hate it, but for now, I count it as progress that an eBay seller tries to rope in business by calling something "Creative Playthings Era."

It certainly got my attention on this sweet, biomorphic, slot-together plywood chair/rocker by a company I've never heard of before: Master Woodcraft, Inc. No date is given, but consensus in the mid-century design academy says the "Can't Sell A Child's Chair Without A One-Puppy/Clown Band Painted On It Era" ran from the late 1950's to the mid-60's.


eames creative playthings era CHILD CHAIR ROCKER toy, currently $10+$20 s/h, auction ends Nov. 17 [ebay]

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