November 2, 2008

Greg Lynn, For One, Welcomes Our Plastic Toy-Recycling Robot Overlords

Ho. Lee. Smokes. Mister Jalopy posted the making of video for Greg Lynn's giant plastic riding toy recycling project. I previously criticized Lynn's project, but I clearly had incomplete information. Lynn is not only off the hook, he is off da hook!

As the video awesomely demonstrates, they precision-chop each toy with a CNC robot arm and fit them together into impossible-to-imagine-without-a-computer configurations. The robots are here to help us after all! Help us hack up the blight of giant molded plastic junk we've accumulated in our kids' names. They're our friends!

Previously: Greg Lynn's recycled toy furniture somehow wins Venice Biennale
Gregslist: Blobby starchitect wants your kid's old plastic ride-on toys


I wish I had a 5 axis mill in my garage.

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