October 30, 2008

Eine Kleine Matchbox Zoo


This awesome vintage toy zoo from Germany fits into eight beautifully designed matchboxes. The pieces are so small, you have to wonder if they might actually not even be a choke hazard; just wash'em down with an extra bottle.

Matchbox Zoo Playset at Three Potato Four, $62 [threepotatofourshop.com]


I had (still have, somewhere - it's long been a favorite) a set of these that had an igloo, polar bear, penguin ... and some sort of U-shaped piece, I think it was. I got it at a zoo - maybe San Diego?

Now you've motivated me to go digging thru the basement to try and find it. As I remember, the box has pretty much disintegrated, and I lost a piece or two, but I hung on to it for a long time - I always thought it was damn cool.

Holy Crud! I have the camel set somewhere...with box intact...given to me for some long ago xmas. I think my brother had the kangaroos. Awwwww...

No idea they were part of some larger, not so inexpensive, set.

I imagine they weren't so expensive back in the day.

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