October 22, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Kristian Vedel


Sure, Kristian Vedel's molded plywood chair/desk is an elegant classic. But could your kid stand on it? Or ride it around the house?

Gablenz is a German woodworking firm that makes traditional furniture, toys, those little whirligig things with the candles that the Germans love so much--and Spiolino, a collection of children's play furniture launched in 2002 that looks inspired by Vedel's 1960's design.


The construction's a bit different, using bolts where Vedel had simple slots. Not quite as slick, but stronger and more versatile. Gablenz takes the basic plywood arc as a starting point and turns it into a whole range of furniture, from toy bins to ride-ons, to desk bases, to shelves.

Not sure where it's available or for how much, but if you're shopping in dollars, it'll be about 20% cheaper than it was a couple of months ago. Now if you only had a house to put it in...

[via dt reader adam]

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