November 30, 2011

Klinki Modular Furniture/Toy Construction System


Once again, the incomparably awesome, mildly impenetrable archive of Form Magazine yields a small treasure. This time, it's the Klinki building and play system, from Form 88, published in 1979.


Klinki was made of wood, and came in three sizes: "Spiel, Garten und Spielplatz," Play, Garden, and Playground. It's credited to the designers "Greuber und Wetzel," and was supposedly available through the home furnishings company Haymann.


Here's a little kid playing with the toy version, and a little shelf, and a nice-looking bedroom build-out that somehow doesn't fly apart when you bump it. And that's all we know.

Form 88 | Spielerisch Wohnen, Klinki []

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