October 19, 2008

Crewel Kids: Vladimir Kagan X Erica Wilson Mashup Rocking Chair


So swoopy furniture designer Vladimir Kagan and pre-eminent needlework artist Erica Wilson are married? Who knew? Besides, that is, the folks who bought this Kagan Contour Rocking Chair covered in Wilson's crewel forest scene back in the day?

Rago, the auction house where the rocker is selling this week, doesn't give it a date, but retrocraftblogger Cathy of California has photos of a similarly encreweled rocker in some needlework magazine from either 1965 or 1975.

But this one has an owl on it, and as Cathy points out, Wilson was into owls back in 1962, "well ahead of the big wave in popularity that owls had in the later 60s and into the 70s."

Not to mention the Great Owl Revival of the mid-2000's. Unless you want to blow the roof off of the $6,000-9,000 estimate, I'd suggest actually winning the thing before mentioning it to the kids over at Design*Sponge.

update: it sold for $10,000, with premium. An online absentee bidder had the first $8,000 bid, but someone in the auction room won it for $8,000. I'd be pissed.

944: VLADIMIR KAGAN AND ERICA WILSON Sculpted walnut Co, opening bid $3,000, live auction Oct. 26 [rago arts/ebay]
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Off I go to make my own...

what a lovely collaboration!

thanks for posting.

wish i had a few extra thousand dollars to spare!

Do people sit on chairs covered with elaborate embroidery? I've always wondered. What would be the point of having a chair and then putting such beautiful work on it that people would be loath to actually use the damn thing?

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