October 2, 2008

More Dutch Memories: Canada And The ABC's Of Dental Care

A couple more interesting-looking vintage children's books from The Memory of The Netherlands:


Hi Ha Canada is a sweet, modernist celebration by graphic artist Mart Kempers of the liberation of Holland by Canadian and Scottish troops in World War II. The book was published in 1945, within months of the war's end, and paper shortages limited printing to a few hundred copies. Here's an article about the Archive and Library of Canada scoring a rare copy. [canada.com] Kempers was just 21 when he made Hi Ha Canada; The Memory archives have a nice selection of his later graphic work, too.


Then there's ABC's over de Tanden, an alphabetical journey through the important lessons of dental care illustrated by F.H. Abbing and published in 1931.

We have some awful book about teeth by Theo LeSieg, the pseudonym Ted Geisel used when he hacked together text for someone else's illustrations. Of course, now that he's dead, the LeSieg books are all being marketed as Dr. Seuss. I'd much rather have some random, wacky, yet beautiful old book like this to talk with the kid about teeth. Just a thought.

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