September 29, 2008

Tessell: I, For One, Welcome Our Korean Tessellation Play Mat Overlords

OK, so in the US, we're making foam playmats with alphabets on them. And in Denmark, they're making Bobles, ride-on, climb-on animals made from computer-cut foam. All well and good. Until you find out that in Korea, they're making foam playmats out of tessellated animal shapes that convert into ride-on toys. Here's what manufacturer Iwashin said about Tessell tessellation playmats at the 100% Design London festival last week:

As tessellation is a technique to set up an unlimited repeating geometrical figure, it is helpful to increase space perception, thought, and academic judgment. From 1960s, USA has applied tessellation as a curriculum, and now primary schools in each country of the world apply tessellation to mathematical education. Kids try to move, spin, and turn the foundation of tessellation-regular triangle, square, and regular hexagon- to foster their judgment, and creative talent in a natural way. To increase the interest of children, TESSELL applies various aesthetic beauty including colors or shapes to tessellation based on those fundamental logic of tessellation .

It is manufactured to make kids learn mathematical beauty doing a puzzle with interest.

Sounds like America better get back to the 1960's when our kids could tessellate from birth, too, or they're all gonna be adding on their fingers, driving Hyundais and talking on Samsung phones before we know...oh, crap.

Tessell tessellation playmat []
Oh no, I couldn't calculate it in my head! Tessell playmat is 114,000 won (96 USD] at a Korean online mall []

Tessell won a Kind + Jugend Innovation Award. I think it's going to be Kind+Jugend week around here, so heads up.


So not being able to read Korean or anything, is there somewhere I can see or read more? Maybe even buy these thingies?

I have the same question. I wonder if the Tessell mat products are only limited to be purchased in Korea?? How am I gonna buy them while I couldn't read any Korean??

They have them available at!

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