September 17, 2008

Say Hello To The Schaukelwagen's Little Friend

Kinderstoele this, Kinderspiele that. A few days of poking around the kinderweb has turned more stuff I thought I would've known by now, but there you go.

For example, I totally missed "Zappel, Philipp! - Die Welt der Kindermöbel," an exhibition of children's furniture with an emphasis on German and Austrian designs from the 19th century to the 1970's, which was at the Imperial Furniture Museum Vienna In the Fall/Winter of 2006/7.

Maybe if I'd at least bought the exhibition catalogue, I'd know the story of that painted, unmolded plywood car parked there next to Hans Brockhage and Erwin Andra's Bauhaus classic, the Schaukelwagen. And I'd know if the steering wheel came off so that the car could, like the Schaukelwagen, flip over into a rocking chair, too.

Such mysteries will have to wait, though, until I care enough to drop $60 on a book that doesn't have Google Translate built in.

Fidgety Phillip | The World of Children's Furniture | 4.10.2006 - 7.1.2007 []
Buy Zappel, Philipp! yourself, just $57 [amazon]

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