September 10, 2008

With New RumbleSeat, Uppababy Makes Room For Lowababy


Though the details are still shrouded in flash glare--or cropped out of the photo entirely, Pish Posh Baby has the scoop from ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, where Uppababy debuted a poster of a removable underseat seat for their flagship stroller, the Vista. The RumbleSeat allows you to stack your kids Phil & Teds-style, only they're facing toward you, so it's totally different.

Uppababy also announced a foldaway buggy board called the piggyBack [not the PiggyBack?], which looks like a little skate deck; it's even made of wood. Check PPB's photos and stay tuned for details.

The All New 2009 Uppa Baby Vista Stroller with Rumble Seat and Piggy Back [pishposhbaby]
Nothing yet on Uppababy's Vista site []
a real life photo of the RumbleSeat from Mommieswithstyle's photostream [flickr, thanks sharon]


I really like that the lower kiddo is on the other side of the stroller from my knees.. However, With my P&T I get comments from strangers all the time about how the "poor little one can't see", or "How can he stand riding down there" (BTW both my kids like to sit in the back) So I can't imagine what kind of comments I would get with the child in the rumble seat being low AND facing backwards. Also they, like P&T, ignored the fact that parents want both kids out of the sun. And how much extra are all these new goodies... I'm sure that the end price will end up more than the vibe.. and will have to be disassembled in order to put in your car. I think the Uppa comes apart like the Bugaboo already.. so you have to remove two seats and then fold the frame. I'm not so impressed...

Part of the benefit of taking kids out in a stroller is so that they can see the world. Blocking their view rather completely seems like a poor choice, even if the kids don't mind it.

I had a narrow (inline) twin stroller which I arranged so the kids could see as much as possible; they really liked it.

I think that facing towards you would be worse for the children, they cannot see what's going on! My 2 love their P&T buggy also and facing forward, mind you I have to face the right way on a train. lol

While I am not sure I would go out and buy an uppababy just for this toddler seat, I think its great for those of us that already own an uppababy. I just hope it works with my 1st-gen stroller.

I've had hands-on with the 2009 Vista and just wanted to offer some additional details/correction to the comments.

All Vista models - including 2009 - have always folded in one piece... no need to remove the seat from the frame when folding.

Note that the UPPAbaby PiggyBack (the kiddie-board) has been out for most of 2008 and is currently available from UPPAbaby dealers.

Targeted for release in spring 2009, the Rumble Seat mounts directly above the front wheels by clipping on/off the frame. It will come with a foot rest that gets placed in the bottom of the basket. The Rumble Seat must be removed before folding the Vista. When mounted, it feels quite sturdy with durable breathable canvas stretched across a frame.

According to UPPAbaby, a parasol type of sun protection may be available with the release of the Rumble Seat. It hasn't been finalized or shown yet.

Also, while it may be tough to tell from the limited photographs at this time, UPPAbaby designed the Rumble Seat to keep a buckled toddler high enough so there is no way his/her fingers can reach the turning wheel spokes.

Mounting the Rumble Seat on the front (rather than in back) doesn't take away legroom from the pushing parent.

Do you know if the accessories will work for the 2008 Vista. I will be having a baby in January and I am looking into getting the Vista.

All current accessories will work with a 2008 Vista.

According to UPPAbaby, though the Rumble Seat design hasn't been finalized, it probably won't work with a 2008 Vista model.

I just emailed Uppa about compatibility of the Rumble seat with older model vistas (I have an '07). They said they hope to have a mounting kit available that will allow the seat to work on older vistas. They said they are aiming for the beginning of '09 for a release date but nothing is definite.

can the rumbleseat face forward? or only backwards?

The Rumble Seat will only face forwards. Easy snap on/snap off pinch points or recalls (Like the Phill & Ted's)

I also contacted Uppababy about the Rumble seat - I have an '07 model and was told their will either be an adapter or you will have to buy a new frame - which sounds like a pricey option. I wrote back and said from a parents point of view the adaptor would be the way to go.

The adapter option is not available, however, we will offer to upgrade your existing frame for a flat fee that will include shipping back to you. The upgrade to an existing frame will be around $50.00.

We will also offer a frame exchange program that will be the wholesale cost of a new 2009 frame. (around $200.00)

Mike Vieira

what about the '08 vista?
will the rumble seat work with the '08 vista, or its the same like the '07, and I will have to change the frame

So to clarify, if you have a 2007 frame, you will only have to pay $50 to upgrade to a frame that will accept the rumble seat?

I don't get what the $200 option is.


To Clarify:

The $50.00 option will upgrade your existing frame to accept the Rumble Seat. We will make the modification in our service area.

The $200.00 option will give you a brand new 2009 frame. You would be require to send in your old frame for refurbishing or disposal.


This seems like a great feature; however, my understanding is that the weight limit of the 2009 Vista is 50lbs. Would it be increased with the second seat? If not, it would be difficult to get much use out of the two seat option unless the two kids are very close in age. P&T is 55lbs + 33lbs in the second seat.

My understanding is that the weight limit of the toddler seat on the 2009 is 50 lb and the weight limit for rumble + toddler seat will be 85 lbs (50 in toddler seat +35 in rumble seat).

I just wrote a post on this for It's got some updated info. and a much better picture. I've attached the link above, but here it is again:

Can this be used with bassinet, I am guessing there is not enough room.

Or can the main seat be positioned the other way - to look at the child in the rumble seat? That would be a great feature so they can look at each other.

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