September 8, 2008

Alexander Girard Carpet Tiles By Flor


Some day, you and the kid will be sitting on the Alexander Girard La Fonda del Sol carpet, building a fort out of his Alexander Girard blocks for the reissued Alexander Girard folk dolls. Your elbow will be propped up on your Alexander Girard throw pillow; he'll have spilled some pomegranate juice on his Alexander Girard t-shirt.

You'll tell him, "You know son, just a couple of years before you were born, there were no Alexander Girard products at all, just vintage. People used to hoard old matchbook covers and Braniff airline blankets." And he will look at you like you're a crazy old man.

La Fonda del Sol carpet, based on designs by Alexander Girard, by Flor [ via nyt]

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