August 27, 2008

Have You Seen My Dog, Monsieur? Ja, At Der Auktionhaus


So we're driving along one day and out of the blue, the kid goes, "Did you know dogs are hunters by nature?"

It took us a while to figure out where she picked it up: Zoboomafoo, the animal TV show that lingers on our TiVo.

Anyway, I just had the combination of dogs, hunting, and sheer headscratching randomness for some reason.

Andy spotted some of those little 50's, sheet metal dog lamps like the one on that Parisian kid's [swing-out, Prouve] nightstand at the upcoming Quittenbaum auction in Munich. Got that?


They credit Boris Lacroix as the designer and Pierre Disderot at the maker. The estimate on a pair: EUR800-900, plus 20% premium, which, in dollars, is a knock-off or reissue-ready price. Slap an LED under that thing, and you won't even have to explain the cord coming out its butt.

[9/3 update: the white dog sold at Quittenbaum for EUR1000, EUR1197 with premium]

Or out of his neck. Turns out Rewire, a vintage lighting shop in LA, has four Disderot puppies for sale at the moment. New old stock with black bodies, just $900, no waiting. Oh wait, that's $900 apiece. Well, at least there's no uncertainty or international shipping hassles...

Lot 1129: Boris Lacroix, Pair of dog lamps, est EUR800-900, goes on sale Sept. 2 [ebay live]
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