August 21, 2008

Not A Station Wagon, Huh? Wood Decals For The Ford Flex


Good Lord, I like the Flex from afar, but is Ford trying so hard to avoid calling the car a station wagon that they don't even offer a factory woodgrain decal option?

And what's this nonsense about applying it yourself? In this age of all-over car wrapping, a professional installation outfit for your $890 decal kit [!?] is just a quick Google away.

Got Wood? The 2009 Ford Flex Does [thecarconnection via dt reader jj daddy-o]

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Ha! Can't decide if I love it or hate it, which probably means I love it. We're in the market for a second car since the drawn-out demise of our '85 Saab and we've been drooling over the Flex for a while, even after they finally came out with the mpg. I'm disappointed that the color options are so lame (were they better when the original Flex site was up, or is that just wishful memory?); seems like they should be more like the Mini's.

It's all moot anyway, since there's no chance we'll be getting a Flex. We'll be going for some kind of used wagon instead. Sigh.

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