August 19, 2008

Bob The Builder, Bob The Peace Disturber

I know it sounds crazy at first that a kindergarten party in New Zealand was almost shut down for loud music. But they were playing Bob the Builder. I mean, just look at the guy, he's a veritable Menace II Society:

Kindergarten disco raided by noise police [ via dt reader jj daddy-o


Okay, I can see the 'Bob the Builder' theme provoking some oldster into calling the's kind of punk-inspired. But the 'Chicken Dance'? Isn't that accordion music or something?

And let's not forget the classic Tupac/Barney mash-up:
NSFW or the kids, BTW.

Maybe they were listening to the "new" Bob, voiced by Greg Proops (of Whose Line is It Anyway fame).

Anytime we watch with the older one, anything Bob says just sounds like a double entendre...

This was the best mash up ever. How is it possible that something so wonderful could disappear from the internet? New link anyone?

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