July 25, 2008

DT On Location: And In Local Crazy And/Or Parenting News...


When it comes to bullet points, I'm a traditionalist: the minimum is three. Unfortunately, this week the Utah media have only been able to come up with two wacked out parents stories. So I made the parenting angle optional. From L to R:

  • Police: Man Leaves Child In Car While Watching Batman Film In South Salt Lake
    22-yo David Farnham left his 2-yo kid asleep in the car while he went into an 11:30 PM screening of The Dark Knight last weekend. A passerby heard the kid crying at 1:30AM and called police, and Farnham was arrested at the theater, which means I assume he got to see the end of the movie. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't take the kid in with him. [kutv.com]
  • Man Summoned Children To Watch Him Kill Mother And Boyfriend
    In Spanish Fork, At 1AM Thursday, Robert Milliner broke into his estranged wife's house, and repeatedly tried to herd his five children, ages, 5-11, toward the master bedroom, where he said he was going to kill their mother and her boyfriend, not with a gun or anything, but with two knives. Mom and the new guy locked the bedroom door, and crazy dad was arrested. "Neither the wife, boyfriend nor children were hurt, but officers say the kids were visibly disturbed." Ya think? [kutv.com]
  • Motorist's quip about 'Grey Poupon' met with cocked, black handgun
    In suburban Sandy, the 22-yo dude who answered, "Excuse me, sir. Do you have any Grey Poupon?" with a "cocked, black handgun" pointed at the inquirers' car has been arrested and charged with a felony attempted assault. Which, according to the 11 pages of gun owners' comments, is total BS, because actually shooting someone while firing a "warning shot" is only a misdemeanor. Also, I think it's obvious that a knife--even two--would have been totally inadequate in this situation. [sltrib]


    Actually, according to my local theater, the running time for the Dark Night is 2:42 so it looks like Mr. Farnham missed just about the whole third act. My question is, why wasn't Mrs. Farnham there? The Dark Knight is supposed to be fantastic!

    not clear that she's Mrs. Farnham, actually. According to his "hello my name is___" YouTube video, he sounds like a deadbeat who just hangs out with his friends and who didn't even have a car. Money quote: "If there's anything I know, it's how to get attention."

    Geez, Ukrainian mafia members can't take a joke anymore. I did like his reply: [He] then allegedly said, "Here's your Grey Poupon! Roll your [expletive] windows up." I totally sympathize, sometimes you just want to be left alone.

    Mr. Farnham missed the last ten minutes of the film,and his arrest disrupted the viewing experience of his fellow audience members. According to this report the local constabulary announced the cause of the disruption to the assembled multitude. No word on whether the innocent bystanders got their money back.

    awesome find, thanks. He had to have been begging for a police escort out of the theatre to protect him from the vigilante mob whose movie he just ruined.

    The world can be a truly confusing and scary place. I'm not one for regulation, but some folks should not be aloud to have or be near children.

    Respect the Mustard.

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