July 23, 2008

Irasshaimase! Maclaren Store Opens In Minami Aoyama


High-touch Maclaren stroller service centers: they're not just for SoHo anymore! Nomura Premium Products, the importing agent for Maclaren in Japan, just opened the company's first storefront in the Minami Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, or as the publicists prefer it to be explained, "just down the street from Herzog & deMeuron's Prada tower." There was a chic party, full of Maclaren and Nomura employees--including the "CEO of moll and his wife," who came all the way from Germany! No idea who that is, but he drank champagne and berries with the best of them.


And took home some of these lovely gift chocolates, specially packaged for Maclaren. When I first saw the shine, I was kind of hoping they were commemorative porcelain ashtrays.

If you haven't set your schedules yet, the exhibition of the favorite picture books of Japanese pop stars you haven't heard of runs through September 30th. Hayaku, hayaku!

Aha, here it is, in the 3D interactive map of the showroom/workshop/event space: moll is the manufacturer of the world-renowned moll ergonomic scholastic desk, which is on display in the "moll exhibition space" on the second floor. Synerggreat!

Maclaren Minami Aoyama shop OPEN! [maclaren.jp via vive la france! via le vestiare de jeanne, not, despite how it sounds, Maclaren's publicists]
The Mac store opening has a trailer. watch it here. [castalia.jp]

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