July 15, 2008

From Sweet Juniper To Sesame Street: Feist Hits The Big Time

That's the power of dadblogging for you. Before Jim linked to her homemade music video on Sweet Juniper, Leslie Feist was working behind the counter of a Tim Hortons, with no prospects for fulfilling her two lifelong dreams: having her song used in an iPod commercial and appearing on Sesame Street. Now, less than a year later, it's all come true.

Well done, Dutch, well done. Look, they even use the same tracking shot and spinning camera tricks from the original. So cute!


you say it was me, I say it was that shimmering rhinestone bodysuit.

that sesame street clip is the direct descendant of the REM "shiny happy monsters" video. love it.

whaaaat? i saw feist live in san francisco 3 years ago before i was even pregnant. somehow i doubt she was peddling donuts on her off time. am i misreading something here?

In Canada, it is manditory to put some time in at a Tim Hortons. Kind of like the US where everyone has to join the Army at some point.

Before her solo career took off Feist was involved in a number of successful bands, she played with By Divine Right starting in 1999 (During that time they opened for The Tragically Hip on a cross Canada stadium tour, and had a single/video in fairly heavy rotation). She left BDR to join Broken Social Scene, one of the most prominent indie bands in Canada.

dudes, greg is just messin' with ya.

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