July 14, 2008

Awesome Baby-Sized Ply Play Kitchen By Shiroma Somebody


When I first saw this plywood play kitchen at Mary-Branche, a Japanese online kids&moms boutique, I thought it was nice and simple. If a little chunky, what'd they do, double up the plywood? Wow, check out the smooth finish, rounded edges, the nice detail on the water faucet...Holy smokes, it's only 65cm tall! That's barely two feet! Do kids that short even know what they're playing with? Have they ever even seen the top of the stove to know what it looks like?

Turns out this awesome baby kitchen was first made by WHT Kagu designer Shiroma, uh, Mr. Shiroma--can't read that kanji--for his own daughter. Now it can be made to order for your kid, too, in either white or orange laminated plywood--providing you're in Japan, of course. Lead times are pretty variable, too, so timing delivery to your hotel during your two-day business trip could be a little tricky. On the bright side, it's small enough to take home as luggage. Maybe even put it in the overhead bin.

WHT Baby Kitchen, 24,800 yen [mary-branche.com]

1 Comment

Greg - what a beautiful kitchen! My 2yo son would love this one.
Now if we could only get it stateside...

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