July 11, 2008

Drug Names As Baby Names?

little_zoloft_guy.jpgEven though they regularly name kids after when and where they were conceived [Brooklyn, Indiana August], I haven't heard of anyone naming his kid after how they were conceived. There have been Vans and even a Viggo on our playground, but no Viagras or Vitros.

And though brands like Chanel, Courvoisier and even ESPN have been used as kids names, no one seems to put drug names on their list. Which may have made since in the Xanax era, but since the pharmaceutical companies' push into direct-to-consumer marketing over the last 10-15 years, drug names seem to have gotten cuddlier. [Here's a 2003 NYTimes article about the art & science of drug naming. via Igor, a naming consultancy in San Francisco, who's trying hard to get to the top of the Google results for the drug naming business.]

I mean, is it just me? Aren't Paxil, Ambien, and Cialis kind of cute names? Tramadol, Klonopin, and Zyrtec, not so much.

Normally, I'd say, "What's your favorite drug name/baby name? Post it in the comments below!" but that'd imply that I could pick them out of the 5,000 daily comment spams I'm drowning in.

A bit of a slog, but worth it: Hey, Aceon! Drugs A-Z [rxlist.com]


We've kicked around Allegra, which was a baby name first, I believe. But the drug name connection has turned my husband completely off.

In college I used to joke I would name my daughters Tyranny and Cholera. It amused me because people rarely objected to both...younger friends didn't quite get why Cholera was funny. And my grandmother said no to Cholera, but Tyranny she would allow.

[high five your grandmother for me, that's awesome. My grandmother only told me AFTER we didn't choose it that she did not approve of Mozingo. -ed.]

How bout something like Ritalin Goldberg for a future ADD'er? Valium Washington would have a cool monogram.

[and he be hemmed in by trademark law on TWO sides! -ed.]

If you're looking for kids named after aids to conception, there are plenty of Mercedes and Porsches [sic] out there. What I want to know is, how many Bud Lights are there, or at least Chablis?

[surprisingly, there were no Chablis born in Georgia. But there were about 20 Champagnes of various spellings, 25 if you count the ones starting with 'S' -ed.]


I know a drug name Evrra. That a good baby name.

Hm, naming a kid after how they were conceived? That would involve naming my kid Clomid, which is a horrible name. I don't think it'll be overheard on the playground anytime soon.

Recently in a discussion of baby names, I pointed out to someone recommending "Jean" as a middle name to go with "Thora" that "Thorazine" would surface as a nickname. Maybe "Thora Zine" would actually be teh cool?

I would totally name a girl Allegra, despite the drug.

I think Matthew McConaughey has a relative named Miller Lyte, or is that urban legend?

My son is called Sodium­meta­diamino­para­dioxy­arseno­benzoe­methylene­sulph­oxylate Aiden Clancy Johnson.

Mary Jane?

I can almost imagine Zetia being used as a name.

@1 One of my friends when out partying would sometimes claim that her name was Chlamydia.

@3 Has anyone confirmed that a McConaughey child was actually named MILLER LYTE? Matthew once alleged on Conan that this was his nephew's name.

On a non-drug/medical note, I always thought "Militia" had a nice romantic sound.

Excedrin? no headache at least.

what about Mari for the first name and Juana for the middle name! just imagine the look on the teachers face when they're calling role.
ah, priceless

little girl: Maryjane
Little boy: zanny

girls: Mary Jane, Molly, Lucy Skye, etc
guys: Adam, Zan, etc

I named my daughter Extacy i got it out of a baby book, my boyfriend wanted a name that started with an "e".
The drug is called Extacy because of what the word means "happiness"

I'll name my kid Ellis Dee. The best name ever.

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