July 9, 2008

It's Just An LSD Cocktail: Timothy Leary Psychedelics Coloring Book

Dear Buyer Of It Now for this rare, unmarked copy of Timothy Leary's 1967 History of the Psychedelic Movement Cartoon and Coloring Book: If you're not planning on publishing a facsimile version, please at least post a set of print-quality scans or PDF's somewhere.

Your Internet friends who don't want to spend $750 on a coloring book.

RARE Timothy Leary Millbrook History Psychedelic LSD, $750 buy it now or make an offer [ebay via boingboing]


"Kleps also stated that the remainder of the inventory was lost in Vermont."

I'll let you know if I find anything.

[lol, sorry I didn't mention it sooner. there's a Polo outlet up there somewhere, too, I believe. -ed.]

I have a pristine copy. Offers welcome.

have you sold your copy yet? thanks, cindy

Janith - please contact me re the Leary coloring book ASAP. I have 3 copies as well and am trying to find someone who knows something about them. Thanks

Cindy - did Janith ever respond to you about the Timothy Leary coloring book? I have 3 copies - we are trying to get more information about them. Contact me. Thanks. kreneeh@comcast.net

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