July 3, 2008

The Bugaboo Car Seat Is Here! And Other Things To Say When You're In Europe


"Wow, so many diesels!"
"I prefer a $1=1EUR exchange rate, please."
"Does it come in gold lame?"

OK, so you'll only need that last one if you're Gwen Stefani. But otherwise, if you're paying $9/gallon for gas, showering with a vegetable spritzer, and blowing a dollar every time your iPhone makes a peep, congratulations! You're in Europe! Or as I like to call it, Bugaboo by Takata Car Seat Land! Go have a street crepe and celebrate on the way to your favorite local bebe store.

Function- and detail-wise, I think there's not much new compared to what we saw last fall when the Japanese-designed, Bugaboo-tailored rigs debuted at thr Kind+Jugend trade show in Cologne: there's a matchy, tight, removable sun canopy; a three-position handle [45-degrees is for driving]; no ISOFIX/LATCH, but all the blue pieces show you where the shoulder belt goes; small rear storage compartment on the back; side impact-tested; and group 0+ capacity comparable to the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix [up to 13kg].


Which is the Bugaboo's obvious competitive target. In terms of finish and useful features, the Bug stands out vs the CabrioFix with its vented seatback and breathable, Japanese-quality fabric and cushions; and the one-hand strap height adjuster. Changing the strap heights on the Cabrio is a one-to-three-time ordeal, but watching the car seat you spent $300 on start to fade, stain, and pill within weeks, that's every day. [That said, Bugaboo's canopy still can't beat the tuckaway awesomeness of the CabrioFix's nylon shade. At least on tucking away. The Bug's canopy actually stops rain, unlike the Cabrio's. As K2's several surprise soakings can attest.]

All this can be yours for just [sic] EUR189, roughly comparable to--and slightly more than--the Maxi-Cosi. Adapters for the Cameleon/Bee are another EUR40. Figure that the VAT refund and international shipping are roughly a wash, and you're looking at around $US 350, or about two tanks of gas.

Select an EU country on Bugaboo's site for car seat info [bugaboo.com]
Buy the Bugaboo Takata car seat, et al at Babytrader.eu, EUR189 [babytrader.eu]
Previously: Ausgezeichnet! The Bugaboo Car Seat??


Greg, without wanting to rain on the parade, I'd be careful about comparing this to the Maxi Cosi with Easyfix base. It's actually more comparable to the Maxi Cosi with EASYBASE.

The Easyfix base, uses ISOFIX - the Bugaboo capsule cannot be compared in terms of safety to the system of the Maxi Cosi, as it does not use ISOFIX.

I think you need to clarify this - there is so little information out there about the safety ratings of the Bugaboo capsules and parents could easily be misled into thinking it has a similar rating to the ISOFIX-using system.

Those of us who swear by ISOFIX, even in countries like Australia, where it hasn't yet been passed (don't get me started on our antiquated car seats!) know that a capsule held in by just a seatbelt is not as safe as using a seatbelt as well as ISOFIX. It is only by using both these safety features the Maxi Cosi with Easyfix base attained its top safety rating. The Easybase did not rate anywhere near the top.

I hope I haven't confused things - it's late here and the head a little rambly. Please email me if you want any clarification :)

[no clarification, but some links to the tests that show the bonus safety levels achieved by isofix would be appreciated. Basing a car seat decision on what parents "know" is not sufficient, even if my own intuition tells me you're right.

As for anyone being misled, the Bugaboo Takata is on sale in the EU--so it's certified under ECE 44/03 standards, the same as the Maxi-Cosis--but it's not yet on sale in the UK, which tells me it hasn't certified in their regime yet. I seriously doubt any company will make safety claims beyond the government-mandated regulations, even outside the lawsuit-happy USA. While there were 3rd party tests in the UK that gave the M-C ISOFIX high marks, the mere presence of ISOFIX is no guarantee of anything; a 2006 NHTSA survey (pdf) found that ISOFIX/LATCH car seats were often installed incorrectly, and that parents found the system too confusing. Which obviously doesn't mean ISOFIX is bad; just an automatic assumption that the presence of ISOFIX equates to improved safety.

As for the writeup here, it includes references and pictures of the Bugaboo's prominent seat belt guides, it's absent base, and it's lack of ISOFIX/LATCH. None of which changes the fact that the M-C is the most popular car seat in the EU for attaching to a Bugaboo, and that after seven years, Bugaboo's finally deciding to put its own logo up there instead of its giant competitor's. -ed.]

So that everything is perfectly clear- What you're saying is-
I need to have another baby ASAP so I can shell out for this oh so sweet ride. Not to mention for the new cameleon tires. Although I'm not sure I think foam tires make for a better ride than air.? Has anyone compared??

Hey, I wasn't being critical of the presence of the article, or trying to say you were negligent! I for one, love seeing these things posted about as they are released and feel that parents should make their own informed decision about the safety of their child car restraints.

I personally would be agog that anyone could stuff up installation of an ISOFIX seat or capsule (I cannot speak for LATCH as I haven't used it). The attachment system for our seats here in Australia are just mind-boggling and simply clicking in two clips, tightening the stability bar at the front, and guiding the seatbelt through the guides in the base was the easiest thing imaginable.

I made the decision to use the Maxi Cosi with Easyfix base by reading the testing protocols one by one and comparing them to those done on our local restraints. I do not blindly assume the hallowed 'Australian Standards' will provide my child with the best in car safety the world has to offer. My investigations led me to believe that 12 year, outdated technology would not be as effective as the brand spanking new Maxi Cosi set up.

I just feel it's problematic that at this stage, there is no information available for comparing the Bugaboo car seat and the Maxi Cosi set up, and that yes, logic would point to the presence of ISOFIX making for a safer set up.

This stuff is just my own personal bug bear with our travesty of a car seat industry over here. I'm someone who needs to know the numbers when 'crunch time' comes. I don't begrudge others for simply placing their faith in the standards, but I'm not one of those.


Having done a lot of research in the UK, we decided to buy a car seat with ISOFIX, mainly as most reports seem to confirm that they are safer (particularly in case of a side impact) but mainly as once installed there is no way I can interfere with it - chucking boxes in the boot etc is always going to loosen and potentially de-stabalise a rear anchor point.

Staggered to see that these are illegal in Australia but a couple of questions:-

1) Realistically what can the courts do if I make an informed decision in the best interests of my baby to continue using my UK ISOFIX seat?
2) There has been a lot of talk in various threads about the govt getting in line with the rest of word, does anyone know how this is progressing?
3) Is this just another Australian case of brown paper bags full of cash to government officials from the car industry/car seat industry in Oz, as they can't be bothered to invest in the technology to incorporate these seats into cars and develop the seats?

Bought the Takata carseat and Bugaboo Bee last summer and I'm still waiting for the adapter to attach it to my stroller. Where can I get it?

Not sure where you are located, but the adapter I bought may also fit the Takata. It's the one for the Maxi Cosi (2 attachments, one for each side of the Bee).

Hi all

Just expecting our first baby in June and looking for the best price for the bugaboo cameleon package with maxi cosi and the adaptors. Any leads would be much appreciated!


Where can I buy bogaboo car seat

can my father buy it for me .. he is in alemania and if he buy it can he send it to me .. im in new york ?

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