June 20, 2008

Neal Pollack's It's Just A Meso-American Hallucinogenic Plant

Neal Pollack writes in Salon about doing salvia [salvia divinorum, a still-legal-in-some-states hallucinogen that provides a very short, very intense high] a couple of times a year, in his basement, after the kid's asleep.

Neal's right that salvia videos are a dead end ["There are few things more boring than grainy footage of someone else's drug trip."] But all this talk about vines and floating up to the sky, and the Salvia Spirit [I see LOTR Cate Blanchette as the Salvia Spirit, not IJATKOTCS Cate.] has me thinking it'd make a great boardbook.

Confessions of a salvia eater [salon via tmn]

1 Comment

Neal Pollack = pathetic

Why this is worthy of posting is unclear.

[the bar might be lower than you think. -ed.]

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