June 13, 2008

NYT On Navigating The AHD-to-GTWD Transition

Well, it's taken her a few years, but NY Times writer Lisa Belkin is apparently getting on board with the reality that men are somehow involved in many work-family balance situations.

She has a short [for her, 1400 words] but informative article on how dads manage going back to work after taking time off to care for the kids. The three big pieces of advice I see:

  • Do stuff so you can say, "I did blank, and I raised these children."
  • Figure out what the women have been doing, because they're ahead of this game.
  • Go to RebelDad.com. Seriously, Brian, nice placement.

    Why Dad’s Résumé Lists ‘Car Pool’ [nyt]
    Related, plus other Belkin stories: Insanely long article on shared parenting

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