June 10, 2008

Magical Baby Butler Somehow Frees Up A Hand


Through some unexplained miracle of strap technology, the ingenious Baby Butler enables you to free up a hand while you're giving the kid a bottle.

With that free hand, you can do anything you like, say, read a children's book just for your own pleasure, or model the beautiful fabric with elegant, Vanna White-like gestures [note: French manicure sold separately].

I haven't seen innovation this, uh, innovative since the patent expired on my Velcro Shirt.

Oops, or since the Gabriel Feeding Harness WAS SEEN ON OPRAH IN 2004. Note to all parent inventors: if you think you actually invented it, you're probably not shopping hard enough.

The Baby Butler was $22 on Amazon, but now marked down to just $19.95!
Whaddyaknow, that's the full retail price on the company's own website. [babybutler.net via dt reader jan]
Previously, 09/2004: Now You Can Breastfeed, Too


"Then hold the bottle with one hand, and, say, type a weblog with the other."

Ha! Check out the dad picture on the rotating photo show:

I almost mis-read the title of this. In my mind it came out as "Magical Baby Butter Frees Up A Hand".

My wife being German always says to babies "Selberhalten macht schön" (to hold it your self is much better).

I just came back from Buy Buy Baby where they sell this pillow that looks like a mini boppy for the bottle.

On the cover was a picture of a baby sleeping with the pillow cradling the bottle next so it was elevated and he/she could drink from it.

I laughed for a good ten minutes.

I couldn't find the exact one I saw but did find something similiar: http://www.littlewonders.com/.

BTW, If you google 'pillow +bottle +baby' a ton of patent websites pop up.

Health benefits and the lactivist lobby notwithstanding, the Free Hand has always been my top reason to breastfeed...

oh my god, that is a shocking contraption! how on earth are you meant to bond with your baby if you dont hold, look at or touch your child???

whoever came up with this idea should be ashamed

"Bottle props" of various sorts have been around for a long time; this is just a different one. Most people (and doctors) don't recommend them, as it is important to pay attention to the baby when it is drinking from a bottle. ... or, really, anytime, but bottle-feeding time is no time to slack off.

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