June 9, 2008

Marcus Walters' More Deluxe Alphabet Poster


Last summer, artist Marcus Walters created an alphabet in anticipation of his daughter's birth. Now that he's a seasoned dad, he knows what kids really want is to see the alphabet on the walls of their nurseries, preferably as a 70x50cm litho that preserves the details of Walters' tasty collage style. And they want it to be available in etsy, preferably for around twenty bucks. Of course, they'd like the pound to be back down to $1.50, too, but it ain't gonna happen.

My First Alphabet - Poster, by Marcus Walters, $20 [etsy via marcuswalters.com]
Hey, because it costs like $US100/issue, I didn't realize Walters illustrated a story in the awesome kid's magazine, Anorak [mw's blog]


$20 for the print -- but $17.50 shipping to the U.S. Ouch!

[whoops, looks like the kids don't get everything they want... -ed.]

Ouch. The shipping cost beats you up alright. But I love Marcus' flash cards for the kids! :)

And yeah, I so love Etsy.

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